Miyajima (宮島) is the most popular tourist destination in Hiroshima.
There are the ocean and the mountain, and you can touch animals. There is also a beautiful shrines and temples. It is such an attractive and popular "island" !

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島)

It is approximately 30 minutes by JR-Line from Hiroshima station. When you leave the station there is a signboard of "Miyajima Three Goddess".

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

JR Miyajimaguchi Station

The left side is the terminal of the 'Miyajima steamship (宮島汽船)'. The right side is 'JR Miyajima Ferry (JR宮島フェリー)' terminal.

Miyajimaguchi Ferry terminal

This is JR Miyajima Ferry.   It is said that "Run near the torii gate". but...

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) JR Miyajima Ferry

The ship is not so close to the torii.

JR Miyajima Ferry

If it is not a telephoto lens, you may not be able to take beautiful pictures.

JR Miyajima Ferry

It is Miyajima Harbor (Miyajima pier).

Miyajima Port

The building at Miyajima Port is very large, it seems to be the 'Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館)' of Tokyo.

Miyajima Port

At the square of Miyajima pier, there is a statue of Taira no kiyomori (平清盛).

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) statue of Taira no kiyomori

Taira no kiyomori (平清盛) is a warlord of the late Heian era.

These are few part of many 'Miyajima (宮島)' photos.

Many deer will welcome you at the square of Miyajima pier.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) square of Miyajima pier

The Omotesando torii (表参道鳥居) seen from the square of Miyajima pier. It is about 15 minutes by walk to Itsukushima Jinja Shrine (厳島神社).

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) Omotesando torii

A bench is set beside the road by the sea.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島)

Because there are many deers, there are many deer feces as a matter of course. Please be careful (walk).

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) deers

If it smells delicious, it will be an Omotesando shopping street soon.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) Omotesando shopping street

Omotesando shopping street (表参道商店街).

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) Omotesando shopping street

Children playing on the 'Sandō (参道 / approach to Japanese shrine)'.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) Sandō

Parent and child of the beach.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) beach

A deer doing a nap.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) deer

Goju-no-to (五重塔 / five-story pagoda) seen from the Sandō (参道).

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) five-story pagoda

Children playing at the beach. It is a peaceful landscape.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) beach

People's from foreign countries are also very relaxed and looking at the scenery.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島) beach

There are stairs to get down to the sea.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Hiroshima : Miyajima (宮島)

However, if you mistake the timing of descending to the sea, your shoes get dirty.

photographed on July. 2016.

[HIROSHIMA] Miyajima (宮島)

  • Address : Miyajima, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
  • Phone : 0829-30-9141
  • Time : JR Miyajima ferry >> to Miyajima first 6:25am / from Miyajima final 20: 15
    Miyajima Matsudai Steamship >> to Miyajima first 7:15am / from Miyajima final 22:14
  • Access : Get off at JR-Line "Miyajimaguchi Station (宮島口駅)" >> get on a ferry (10 minutes)


Miyajima Official Website - Japan *English

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