• Kamosu Jinja Shrine (神魂神社)

    This small shrine is seems to be the god is really there.

'Kamosu Jinja (神魂神社)' is national treasure, and one of the oldest styles of existant shrine architecture. It have a steep stone stair with large natural stone piled up, has a majestic atmosphere of ancient Izumo.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社)

Here is this sign bord in road (National Highway route 432).
If you by bus, station name is 'Fudoki no Oka iriguchi (風土記の丘入口)' or 'Kanbe noSato (かんべの里)'.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

bus stop

You will see the Torii (鳥居) in about 10 min by walk, from the bus stop at 'Fudoki no Oka iriguchi (風土記の丘入口)'.


These are few part of many 'Kamosu Jinja (神魂神社)' photos.

Go up a gentle slope. This road is 'Sando (参道 / approach to a main shrine)’.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 参道

On the right side of the Sando (参道) there is a Temizuya (手水舎 / Hand-wash Place).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 手水石

Manner of Temizuya (手水舎)

* In this process, carried out with one dipper-full of water!!

  1. Put water in "Ladle" which is placed in the Temizuya.
  2. Holding Ladle in your right hand, wash your left hand.
  3. next, wash your right hand.
  4. Put water in the left hand and move to mouth, wash the mouth.
  5. Hold the Ladle vertically so remaining water runs down and clean the handle.

This is a general usage Manner.

Ishi doro (石灯篭 / stone lantern).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 石灯篭

Steep stone stairs with large natural stone piled up.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 石階段

Haiden (拝殿).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 拝殿

*Haiden (拝殿) is a building built in front of main hall to visit.

Kamosu Jinja (神魂神社) manner of worship

  1. Let's put a coin in the saisen box.
  2. Twice, bow your head and let's say a deep greeting.
  3. Match your hands at the chest height, clap two times, and pray to the god.
  4. Finally, let's bow again and say a deep greeting once.

Shamusho (社務所 / Shrine office) is on the right side of 'Haiden (拝殿)'.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 境内

Beyond that there is "Massha (末社 / subordinate shrine)".

The Honden (本殿) is back of 'Haiden (拝殿)'.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 本殿

杵築社 (Kizukisha), 伊勢社 (Isesha), 熊野神社(Kumano Jinja).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 杵築社・伊勢社・熊野神社

'Ise sha (伊勢社)' is enshrine the 'Amaterasu Omikami (天照大御神)’ and 'Tsukuyomi no Kami' ('月読神').

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 伊勢社

外山社 (Toyamasha) , 貴布祢稲荷両神社 (Kihumi inari ryojinja).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 外山社と貴布祢稲荷両神社

There are other 'subordinate shrine'.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 武勇社、蛭子社、熊野三社

熊野三社 (Kumano Sanja).

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 熊野三社

Honden (本殿) is enshrine the 'Izanami no Ookami (伊弉冊大神)' and 'Izanagi no Ookami (伊弉諾大神)'.

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 本殿

It is said to be most oldest styles of existant shrine architecture, and it is designated as a national treasure.

Please be careful and walk!

Kamosu Jinja Shrine(神魂神社) 石階段

photographed on Feb. 2016.

It is a small shrine quietly exist in a small hill and forest.
Really, ought to go and see !.

[MATSUE-SI] Kamosu Jinja (神魂神社)

  • Address : 563, Obacho, Matsue-shi, Shimane
  • Phone : 0852-21-6379
  • Time : 8:00am - 17:00
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Access : [1] In Matsue Station (23 for かんべの里行) : Matsue Station --(Matsue city bus) --End point , 2-minute walk.
    [2] In Matsue Station (No.4 bus stop / for 大庭・八雲行き) : Matsue Station --(Ichibata bus) -- Fudoki no Oka (風土記の丘入口), 10-minute walk.
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