• Mihonoseki (美保関)

    There is Miho Shrine, a small fishing village!

Mihonoseki (美保関) is a small fisherman town in the east of the Shimane Peninsula.
After you pray the Miho Jinja Shrine (美保神社), until the bus comes, it is a quiet town that you can walk slowly.

Mihonoseki (美保関)

"美保神社入口" View from the bus stop.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Mihonoseki (美保関) Mihonoseki Bay

*美保神社入口 = Miho Jinja Shrine entrance

Mihonoseki Bay (美保関湾).

Mihonoseki (美保関) Mihonoseki Bay

These are few part of many 'Mihonoseki (美保関)' photos.

It is a very small fishing village.

Mihonoseki (美保関) Mihonoseki Bay

The local specialty of Mihonoseki (美保関) is "squid".

Mihonoseki (美保関) イカの一夜干し

It is a 2 minute walk from the bus stop to Miho Jinja (美保神社).

Mihonoseki (美保関)

Entrance of Miho Jinja (美保神社).

Miho Jinja (美保神社)

There is one coffee shop in front of Miho Jinja (美保神社).

Mihonoseki (美保関) coffee shop

Manhole unique to Mihonoseki (美保関).

Mihonoseki (美保関) Manhole

Aoishi-datami paved street (青石畳通り).

Mihonoseki (美保関) Aoishi-datami paved street

This street is literally meaning the blue-stoned tatami street because of its sheen after rainfall.

Mihonoseki (美保関) Aoishi-datami paved street

The front of this post office is the "美保神社入口" bus stop.

Mihonoseki (美保関) bus stop

The number of buses will be even smaller at weekends.

Mihonoseki (美保関) bus stop

Mihonoseki community bus.

Mihonoseki (美保関)コミュニティバス

photographed on Feb. 2016.

It was raining this day. So I can not post beautiful photos. However, as you can see many "photos of sunny days" on the net, please come visit "Miho Shrine" by all means!

Miho Jinja Shrine (美保神社)

[MATSUE-SI] Mihonoseki (美保関)

  • Address : Mihonosekichomihonoseki, Matsue-shi, Shimane
  • Access : [1] In Matsue Station (No.2 bus stop) : Matsue Station --(Ichibata bus) -- Mihonoseki Terminal.   [2] In Mihonoseki Terminal -- (Mihonoseki community bus) -- Mihonoseki.


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