• Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) of Ugafuku Jinja Shrine (宇賀福神社)

    To the power spot of money luck up!

Zeniarai Benzaiten / Ugafuku Jinja Shrine (銭洗弁財天 / 宇賀福神社) is a "popular tourist attraction" in Kamakura.
Here, it is a custom to inquire into money with water. Then it is informed, "money increases".

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

20 minutes - 30 minutes from Kamakura station. Go up a little rugged slope, you can see the torii.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) 鳥居

There is a Oyashiro (village shrine) at the entrance of the cave. It is "Ugafuku Jinja Shrine (宇賀福神社)".

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) 洞窟

A Oyashiro (village shrine) is "Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)" in a cave.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) 境内

A "Temizuya (手水舎 / Hand-wash Place)" is on the right side that passed through the cave (tunnel).

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) 手水舎

Manner of Temizuya (手水舎)

* In this process, carried out with one dipper-full of water!!

  1. Put water in "Ladle" which is placed in the Temizuya.
  2. Holding Ladle in your right hand, wash your left hand.
  3. next, wash your right hand.
  4. Put water in the left hand and move to mouth, wash the mouth.
  5. Hold the Ladle vertically so remaining water runs down and clean the handle.

This is a general usage Manner.

The precincts of a shrine are small. A mountain is nearby.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) precincts

These are few part of many 'Ugafuku Jinja Shrine (宇賀福神社)' photos.

Let's buy the set of "a candle" and "the incense stick" for 100yen in a Shamusho (社務所 / Shrine office).

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) Shamusho

Let's take "Bamboo baskets" out of the shelf of the Shamusho (社務所 / Shrine office).

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) Shrine office

If there is a Japanese around, the person sees it doing it, and let's imitate it.

[1] set fire to an incense stick.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) stick

[2] add an incense stick to the incense lamp.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) candle

[3] set fire to a candle. and put up a candle.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) candle

[4] classify money into a "Bamboo baskets". pray at the Oyashiro (village shrine).

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) village shrine

Ugafuku Jinja Shrine (宇賀福神社) manner of worship

  1. Let's put a coin in the saisen box.
  2. Twice, bow your head and let's say a deep greeting.
  3. Match your hands at the chest height, clap two times, and pray to the god.
  4. Finally, let's bow again and say a deep greeting once.

[5] In this cave, let's wash your money!

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) money wash

If there is a Japanese around, the person sees it doing it, and let's imitate it.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) money wash

Please use the money you washed. It is said that when you use it, that blessing will return.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天) money wash

"Seven width Shinto shrines (七幅神社)" are on the right side of the Shamusho (Shrine office).

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

There is "Shinomizu shrine (下之水神社)" next to "seven width Shinto shrines (七幅神社)".

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

Water flowing through the bottom of the bridge is very pure.

Tunnel of wooden torii (鳥居)...

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

The woman who does "greeting" deeply to God before entering the Shinto shrine.
The woman who takes a commemorative photo before entering the Shinto shrine.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

It is a contrastive scene. *Let's take selfie after praying at a shrine.

If you pray seriously and wash money, you will feel very refreshing when you return to the station.

Kamakura Zeniarai Benzaiten (銭洗弁財天)

Strictly speaking, Japanese shrines are not sightseeing spots.
You make much efforts to come to far-off Japan. Therefore please pray seriously if you go to the Shinto shrine (temple) of Japan.

photographed on July. 2014.

English on this page is translated from Japanese to English using the Google translation site. Sorry if there are sentences that are difficult to read.

[Kanagawa] Ugafuku Jinja Shrine - 宇賀福神社 -

  • Address : 2-25-16 Sasuke,Kamakura,Kanagawa JAPAN
  • Phone : 0467-25-1081
  • Hours : 8:00 - 16:30
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Access : : JR, Enoshima Electric Railway "Kamakura station (鎌倉駅)" 25-minute walk
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