• Tokyo "Sakura Spot" List by area!

    Please watch a lot of "Sakura" during your stay!

There are many places where SAKURA (cherry blossoms) are beautiful in Tokyo too!
Can not do HANAMI (banquet), but beautiful SAKURA (桜) are seen and take a selfie is fun too! We tried summarizing the sights of such Sakura by area.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

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The SAKURA in Chiyoda-ku are amazing!

Entrance of 'Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園)' where there is Nippon Budokan (日本武道館).
"Sakura (桜) along the moat" seen from "Tayasu-mon Gate ()". * Near Kudanshita station

Kitanomaru Park

Sakura (Cherry blossoms) around the Chidorigafuchi () boat station.

Chidorigafuchi boat station

Cherry blossom in Chidorigafuchi (千鳥ヶ淵)

If you go to Chidorigafuchi (), let's stop by the Yasukuni Jinja Shrine (靖国神社).

Sakura of Yasukuni Jinja Shrine

Cherry blossoms at the Yasukuni JInja Shrine (靖国神社)

Sakura (cherry blossoms) of "Yasukuni Dori Street (靖国通り)" from Yasukuni Jinja (靖国神社) to Ichigaya station (市ヶ谷駅) are superb too!


Cherry blossoms on Yasukuni-dori street (靖国通り)

Sakura at the National Theater (国立劇場) are also nice!

National Theater

Cherry blossoms of National Theater (国立劇場)

Shinjuku-ku is not only Shinjuku Gyoen!

Sakura trees seen from the train window of Chuo Line (Sobu Line) are here!
Sakura trees along "Sotobori dori street (外堀通り)", it is amazing to see Nearby!

Sotobori dori street

Cherry blossoms along Sotobori-dori street (外堀通り)

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden (新宿御苑) is surprised that there are many Sakura trees anyway!

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden (新宿御苑)

SAKURA in Minato-ku are also good!

The famous Sakura in Minato-ku are Akasaka's "Sakura-zaka (桜坂) and Spain-zaka (スペイン坂)"!

Sakura-zaka and Spain-zaka

Cherry trees in Akasaka ARK Hills

There is "Sakura-zaka (さくら坂)" in Roppongi too!

Roppongi's Sakura-zaka

Cherry trees in Roppongi Sakurasaka (さくら坂)

"Shiba Koen Park (芝公園)" in Minato-ku is will be able to take pictures of Sakura and Tokyo Tower!

Sakura of Shiba Park

Cherry blossoms and Tokyo Tower (Shiba Park)

Sakura will bloom also at Zojo-ji Temple (増上寺)!
will be able to take pictures of Sakura and Temple and Tokyo Tower!

Sakura of Zojo-ji Temple

Zojo-ji Temple (増上寺) and Cherry blossoms

If Ueno is crowded, go to Asakusa!

Ueno Koen Park (上野公園) is crowded more than ever as foreign tourists also came to participate in "Hanami (お花見)".

Ueno Koen Park (上野公園)

The Sakura festival at "Sumida Koen Park (隅田公園)" in Asakusa is also very wonderful!

Sumida Park (隅田公園)

Sumida Park (隅田公園)

Sumida Park "Sakura Festival" Asakusa

SAKURA on the "Meguro gawa River (目黒川)" have volumes!

Sakura protruding from the walk way to the river surface are amazing!

Meguro River (目黒川)

The appearance of foreign tourists is increasing year by year!

Meguro River (目黒川)

Cherry Blossom Festival at Meguro River (目黒川)

"Sakura (桜)" which can not be seen a lot because the period from flowering to scattering is short.
While staying in Tokyo, decide on your favorite cherry blossoms and go to see!

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