• Ise-Jingu Shrine (伊勢神宮) Geku

    please convey the feelings of gratitude to God.

Ise-Jingu Shrine (伊勢神宮) is at the core of sightseeing in Ise.
legendary ancestor of the Imperial Household, many people have worshiped here as the guardian deity.

God of Geku (外宮 / Outer Shrine) is "Toyouke-no Ōmikami (豊受大御神)". God governs the food-grain has been deified.

Sando (road approaching a shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine).

On this page, let 's tell you "the order to visit this shrine".

If you walk straight from the Ise-shi Station (伊勢市駅), it will arrive in Geku (外宮 / Outer Shrine) of Ise-Jingu Shrine.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Sando (road approaching a shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine).

*Here is the entrance of Geku (Outer Shrine) of Ise-Jingu Shrine.

[1] This is the Omote Sando "Hiyokebashi (火除橋)". Please walk on the left side of this bridge.

Hiyokebashi of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine).

[2] After crossing the bridge, you immediately have Temizuya (手水舎). *Wash your hands properly.

Temizuya of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

*At Temizuya. Let's pray after washing a hand earlier by all means.

Manner of Temizuya (手水舎)

* In this process, carried out with one dipper-full of water!!

  1. Put water in "Ladle" which is placed in the Temizuya.
  2. Holding Ladle in your right hand, wash your left hand.
  3. next, wash your right hand.
  4. Put water in the left hand and move to mouth, wash the mouth.
  5. Hold the Ladle vertically so remaining water runs down and clean the handle.

This is a general usage Manner.

[3] This is the "first torii (第一鳥居)". let's go to the "Shrine of the Forest"!

First Torii  of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

*Let's bow beneath the torii.

Once you pass through the torii, since entering the forest, it will change air.

Sando of  of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

However, since the gravel road continues, perhaps you'll foot becomes painful.

[4] When you pass through the "second torii (第二鳥居)", to enter the Shogu (正宮 / main shrine) area.

Second Torii of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

*Let's bow beneath the torii.

Charms, talismans of the shrine can be purchased here. as well as "kagura (神楽)" are also performed here.

kaguraden of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

The Ise Shrine, call the main hall as "Shogu (正宮)".

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

Here is a place called "Kodenchi". There in front is the Shogu (main shrine).

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

The "Kodenchi (古殿地)", it is the place where stood the previous Shogu (main shrine).

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

There is a very big cedar. This is like a "sacred tree".

Golden roof, looks from here. There is the Shogu (main shrine).

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[5] Shogu (正宮 / main shrine) has been surrounded by four Fence.

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

In front of the torii, please be sure to bow deeply.

Shogu (main shrine) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

In this location, please convey the feelings of gratitude to God. Do not have a wish!!

Ise-Jingu Shrine (伊勢神宮) manner of worship

  1. Let's put a coin in the saisen box.
  2. Twice, bow your head and let's say a deep greeting.
  3. Match your hands at the chest height, clap two times, and pray to the god.
  4. Finally, let's bow again and say a deep greeting once.

Next of Shogu (main shrine), let's go to the "Takano-miya (多賀宮)".

Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[6] This "Mitsuishi (三つ石 / three stone)" is famous as a power spot.

Mitsuishi (three stone) of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

In order to go to Takano-miya (多賀宮), there is a long staircase. You should wear sports shoes.

Takano-miya of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[7] In here (Takano-miya), you can make a wish to God.

Takano-miya of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[8] Next, you go to the "Tsuchino-Miya (土宮)". It is God of the soil.

Tsuchino-Miya of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[9] The next, let's go to the "Kazeno-Miya (風宮)". It is God of the wind.

Kazeno-Miya of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[10] This is a stone bridge of turtle shape.

Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

[11] Here is "Kaguraden (神楽殿)".

Kaguraden of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

let's buy a Charms, talismans.

Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

Here is "Mikinten (御饌殿)". It is a place to offer "meals" to God.

Mikinten of Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

Here is the stables. There are horses that God ride.

Geku (Ise-Jingu Shrine)

*I photographed this photograph in Oct 23. 2015.

As Japanese shrines have many gravel roads, we recommend you go on sports shoes! (Your legs will be tired)

English on this page is translated from Japanese to English using the Google translation site. Sorry if there are sentences that are difficult to read.

[Mie] Ise-Jingu Geku (Outer Shrine) - 伊勢神宮 外宮-

  • Address : 279 Toyokawacho, Ise City, Mi
  • Phone : 0596-24-1111 (Japanese only)
  • Hours : 5:00 - 18:00 (Jan -- Apr, Sep) , 5:00 - 19:00 (May -- Aug) , 5:00 - 17:00 (Oct -- Dec)
  • Admission fee : free
  • Access : JR-Line, Kintetsu-Line “Iseshi” Station, 7-minute walk


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