• Oharai Dori (street)

    A lively street that reproduced the streets of the Edo era!

Oharai Dori (street) is the flourishing town in front of the Ise-Jingu Naiku (伊勢神宮 内宮). Here, we reproduce the streets of the Edo era. There are lots of stores on the street of about 800 m.

Oharai Dori (street)

Here is the entrance of "Oharai Dori (おはらい通り)".

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Oharai Dori (street) 入口

walk five minutes from here, there is a OKAGE-YOKOCHO (おかげ横丁).

Oharai Dori (street)

This face is called "Otafuku (お多福)". Here is a restaurant and souvenir shop.

Oharai Dori (street)

These are few part of many Oharai Dori (street) photos.

This FamilyMart, is Ise style.

Oharai Dori (street) FamilyMart

This is the shop curtain of the liquor store.

Oharai Dori (street) liquor store

This is called "SugiTama (杉玉)". This was made by collecting the leaves of cedar.

Oharai Dori (street) liquor store

Lunch time is very crowded.

Oharai Dori (street)

This old house is a coffee shop (Cafe).

Oharai Dori (street) coffee shop

This old house is the Isuzugawa Cafe (Isuzu River Cafe).

Oharai Dori (street) Cafe

The appearance of the cafe is like a ryokan (旅館).

Oharai Dori (street) Cafe

Behind the Isuzugawa Cafe is the Isuzu River (五十鈴川).

Oharai Dori (street) Isuzu River

It is a very lively street.

Oharai Dori (street)

It is soon "OKAGE YOKOCHO (おかげ横町)".

Oharai Dori (street)

*I photographed this photograph in Oct. 2015.

If you go to Ise-Jingu Shrine (伊勢神宮), please eat something delicious on this street by all means!

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