• Yushukan (遊就館) of Yasukuni Jinja Shrine (靖国神社)

    A real 'Zero Fighter' is being exhibited!

The Yushukan (遊就館) in the premises of the Yasukuni Jinja Shrine (靖国神社) is a facility that holds and displays exhibits of war that opened in 1882. The war dead and 'military-related materials' are displayed in chronological order.

The Yushukan (遊就館)

It is said that the current building was renovated and expanded in 2002.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

The Yushukan (遊就館)

"Statue of the military dog memorial (軍犬慰霊像)" on the premises and "Statue of the fighting horse memorial (戦歿馬慰霊像)".


There is a smoking bus (smoking place) in the corner of the site.

The Yushukan (遊就館) smoking place

This is "Statue of Mother". It seems that it was built in 1974.

The Yushukan (遊就館) Statue of Mother

Statue of the suicide attack brave man. He is a very young man.

The Yushukan (遊就館) suicide attack brave man

Stone statue honoring the "Squadron war dead".

The Yushukan (遊就館) stone statue

Entrance of Yushukan (遊就館). You can enter entrance hall and shops freely.

The Yushukan (遊就館) Entrance

Exhibition of 1F part is free. It seems from 2F is a charged area.

The Yushukan (遊就館) Entrance

Please purchase tickets with automatic ticket vending machines.

The Yushukan (遊就館) tickets

These are few part of many 'Yushukan (遊就館)' photos.

On entering the entrance and on the left side, there is a "零式艦上戦闘機 (Zero Fighter)".

The Yushukan (遊就館) 零式艦上戦闘機

Next to that, there is "C56 Type 31 No. Locomotive (C56型31号機関車)"。

The Yushukan (遊就館) Locomotive

Two cannons are on display next to the locomotive.

The Yushukan (遊就館) cannons

Mitsubishi zero type fighter 52 type (三菱零式艦上戦闘機52型).

The Yushukan (遊就館) 零式艦上戦闘機

The Yushukan (遊就館) 零式艦上戦闘機

This Zero Fighter is said to have collected and restored a few aircraft found as wreckage in the battlefield.

The Yushukan (遊就館) 零式艦上戦闘機

There is a monitor in the center, and introduction images such as exhibits are flowing.

The Yushukan (遊就館) monitor

If you are uneasy, you can decide whether to enter or not after checking the video with this monitor.

Restaurant "茶寮 結 (Yui)". Navy curry seems to be popular.

The Yushukan (遊就館) Restaurant

It is a shop.

The Yushukan (遊就館) shop

Elementary school textbook in old.

The Yushukan (遊就館) 売店

Modern people see it is difficult...

The Yushukan (遊就館) 売店

Anime character related to war.

The Yushukan (遊就館) 売店

The photograph was taken from 2014 to 2015.

Here, the situation at the time of the war is being displayed as it is, so it would be better for the people who are frightened to quit.

[CHIYODA-KU] Yushukan (遊就館)

  • Address : 3-1-1, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone : 03-3261-8326
  • Time : 9:00am - 16:30pm (New Year 0:00am to 4:30 pm)
  • Admission fee : Adult 800 yen, college student 500 yen etc...
  • Access : [Subway] Tozai-Line, Hanzomon-Line, Shinjuku-Line (東西線, 半蔵門線, 新宿線), "Kudanshita Station (九段下駅)" 5-minute walk. [JR] Sotobu-Line (JR総武線) "Ichigaya Station (市ヶ谷駅)" , "Iidabashi Station (飯田橋駅)" 10-minute walk.


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