• Takaosan (高尾山 / Mt.Takao) Omotesando course!

    Mountain that can meet the Tengu!

Takaosan (高尾山 / Mt.Takao) is a mountain of 599 m above sea level in Hachioji city, Tokyo.
It is a popular mountain where many tourists and climbers visit throughout the year because it is close to the city center of Tokyo.

Mt.Takao (高尾山)

There are 8 climbing routes of Mt.Takao in all.
We introduce the most standard "Omotesando course".

It is 54 minutes from Shinjuku station by Keio-Line (limited express).
Very affordable with 390 yen for one way!

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅)

If you go only to Takaosan (Mt.Takao), it is profitable if you buy "Takaosan round trip ticket" 1380 yen!
Round trip ticket between 'cable car' and 'Echo Lift (Chair lift)' and 'Keio Line' is included.

Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅) front. Proceed to the right of this tourist information board.

Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅)

Will arrive at "Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅)" in about 3 minutes.
!! Take a brochure at Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅) or "Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅)

These are few part of many 'Takaosan (Mt.Takao)' photos.

Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅). The cable car arrives and departs at 15 minute intervals. It is operated in 6 minutes one way.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) cable car

On the right side of Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅) is the "Sanroku Station (山麓駅)" of Echo Lift (Chair lift).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Sanroku Station

The echo lift (chair lift) is a two-seater, 12 minutes each way.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) echo lift

The echo lift (chair lift) on a sunny day is very pleasant!

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) echo lift

The arrival station of Echo lift is "Sanjo Station (山上駅)" altitude 462 m. Cable car station "Takaosan station (高尾山駅)" Altitude 467 m.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Sanjo Station

Let's walk behind the Japanese nearby!

Mt.Takao (高尾山)

Kasumi-dai viewing platform (かすみ台展望台). Altitude 481 m.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) viewing platform

Monkey Park and Wild Plant Garden (高尾山さる園/野草園).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Monkey Park and Wild Plant Garden

Admission : 400 yen for adults and 200 yen for children.

A large cedar of 500 years old, whose base can be seen as an octopus' leg.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) cedar

Next to large cedar is an octopus statue.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) octopus

It is said that if you stroke the octopus' head and pray, you become popular.

Entrance of "Takaosan Yakuōin Temple (高尾山薬王院)" "Joshin-mon gate (浄心門)".
This place the middle point of the "Omotesando course".

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Joshin-mon gate

The Jinpendo (神変堂). Let's pray that you can go up to the summit safely.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Jinpendo

The Sando (参道 / approach to Japanese temple) to the Yakuōin Temple (薬王院).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) approach

forked road

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) 南無飯縄大権現

The stairs on the left side is "Otoko-zaka Hill (男坂)". It is 108 steps of 'stone stairs'.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Otoko-zaka Hill (男坂)

* Otoko-zaka Hill (男坂) = Man's slope

The slope of the front is "Onna-zaka (女坂)". It is a gradual slope.

Onna-zaka (女坂)

Onna-zaka (女坂) = Women's slope.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Onna-zaka (女坂)

There are many "statues of the child (童子像)" in the street (looking up).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) statues of the child

Gongen-chaya (権現茶屋). It is a confluence point between Otoko-zaka Hill (男坂) and Onna-zaka (女坂).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Gongen-chaya (権現茶屋)

The photograph was taken from 2016 to 2017.

[HACHIOJI] Takaosan (高尾山)

  • Address : Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
  • Phone : 042-664-7872 (Takao Visitor Center)
  • Time : Always
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Access : From Shinjuku Station...
    Shinjuku Station --- (Keio-Line limited express train / for '高尾山口行') --- Takaosanguchi Station


Mt.Takao Area - Keio Corporation

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