• Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮)

    Let's visit the gorgeous shrine slowly!

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) is a shrine dedicated to the general of Tokugawa.
Many lanterns in the precincts (境内) of shrine were donated by the Daimyo (大名) nationwide. This lantern is very wonderful!

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮)

This is the closest torii from the zoo side. It is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) torii

This is a Shin-mon Gate (神門).   It is called a Mizuya-mon gate (水舎門).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Shin-mon Gate

These are few part of many 'Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮)' photos.

Sando (参道 / approach to Japanese shrine).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Sando

There are more than 200 stone lanterns (石灯篭) donated by "Daimyo of throughout Japan".

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) stone lanterns

There is a Goju-no-to (五重塔 / five-story pagoda) on the right side of the Sando (参道).

Ueno Toshogu shrine

This Goju-no-to (五重塔) is in the Ueno Zoo.

Ueno Toshogu shrine

At the end of the Sando (参道 / approach to Japanese shrine) is "Kara-mon Gate (唐門)".

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon

There is a Temizuya (手水舎 / Hand-wash Place) on the left side.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Temizuya

Manner of Temizuya (手水舎)

* In this process, carried out with one dipper-full of water!!

  1. Put water in "Ladle" which is placed in the Temizuya.
  2. Holding Ladle in your right hand, wash your left hand.
  3. next, wash your right hand.
  4. Put water in the left hand and move to mouth, wash the mouth.
  5. Hold the Ladle vertically so remaining water runs down and clean the handle.

This is a general usage Manner.

There is an '絵馬奉納所 (the place for hanging up Ema at the shrine)' and a copper lantern beside the Temizuya (手水舎).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) ema

Like the Meiji Jingu Shrine (明治神宮), the ema of this shrine is also globalized.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) ema

Most of the ema (絵馬) is a foreign language!

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) ema

"Kara-mon Gate (唐門)" was restored from 2009, construction was completed in 2014.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon Gate

After the restoration is over, "Kara-mon Gate (唐門)"" is shining gold again.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon Gate

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) manner of worship

  1. Let's put a coin in the saisen box.
  2. Twice, bow your head and let's say a deep greeting.
  3. Match your hands at the chest height, clap two times, and pray to the god.
  4. Finally, let's bow again and say a deep greeting once.

There is a "Shaden (社殿)" in the back of this "Kara-mon Gate (唐門)" and it will be a paid area. *Adult 500yen

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon

There is a Shamusho (社務所 / Shrine office) on the left side of Kara-mon Gate (唐門).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Shrine office

This is the entrance to the Shaden (社殿).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) entrance

There is an English version on Omikuji (paper random fortunes).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Omikuji

"Copper lantern (銅灯篭)" of the designated national important cultural property.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Copper lantern

There are 48 copper lanterns in total.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Copper lantern

Kara-mon Gate (唐門).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon

Copper lantern (銅灯篭).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Copper lantern

Kara-mon Gate (唐門) and the Shaden (社殿) are also designated as important cultural properties of the country.

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) Kara-mon

This monument, the fire of Hiroshima and Nagasaki continues to light even now.

Ueno Toshogu shrine

Seeing it in close proximity, you can see that the fire is on.

Ueno Toshogu shrine

It is said that it was completed in 1990 after two years of fund-raising activities.


Let's eliminate nuclear weapons and swear peace... Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


The Sando (参道) to which the lanterns line up is just amazing!

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) 参道

This is a torii located on the side of the Shinobazu Pond (不忍池).

Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮) 不忍口鳥居

The photograph was taken from 2014 to 2016.

If you like sculpture or gold color, please visit the Shaden (社殿) area! *It is a paid area.

[UENO] Ueno Toshogu shrine (上野東照宮)

  • Address : 9-88, Uenokouen, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone : 03-3822-3455
  • Time : 9:00am - 16:00pm
  • Lighting : From sundown until around 23:00
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Shaden (社殿) : Adult 500yen, primary school student 200yen
  • Access : [Subway] Ginza-Line, Asakusa-Line "Asakusa" Station. 10-minute walk.


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