• Takaosan (高尾山 / Mt.Takao) Omotesando course!

    Mountain that can meet the Tengu!


Mt.Fuji (富士山) seen from the top of Takaosan (高尾山) is selected as "100 sceneries of Mt.Fuji seen in Kanto area". The mountaintop is not very wide, so when you get crowded you get crowded with lunch people.

Fujisan (富士山 / Mt.Fuji) can be seen on a sunny day? ... It is not necessarily the case.

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Mt.Fuji

Even though it is sunny, there are times when you can not see it.
* This Mt.Fuji was taken in June.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Mt.Fuji

So, the Japanese people are "happy to see Fujisan (富士山)" !!

These are few part of many 'Takaosan (Mt.Takao)' photos.

There are a few benches on the top of the mountain.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) mountaintop

This place seems to be very crowded during the afternoon of the weekend.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) mountaintop

Let's go down.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山)

People heading to the mountaintop.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山)

Cable car "Takaosan station (高尾山駅)".

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Takaosan station (高尾山駅)

A queue waiting for the departing cable car at noon at noon.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Cable car

The cable car goes down a very steep slope.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Cable car

It seems to be the steepest slope in Japan.

Mt.Takao (高尾山) Cable car

It is hard to keep standing for 6 minutes.

Mt.Takao (高尾山) Cable car

Please hold on to the railings firmly!

Mt.Takao (高尾山) Cable car

Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅)

*Departing from this station, I came back in about two hours.

"Flying squirrel". It is the protagonist of the night of Takaosan (高尾山).

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅)

"Tengu dolls" sold at gift shops.

Tokyo's Mt.Takao (高尾山) Kiyotaki Station (清滝駅)

If you are tired of walking, there is "hot spring" at Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅)!
It is a usual charge of 1,000 yen.

Takaosanguchi Station (高尾山口駅)

The photograph was taken from 2016 to 2017.

About 1 hour from Shinjuku, Takaosan (Mt.Takao).
Transportation costs are also cheap, so it will keep stable popularity as a "walk course" that you can easily go out!!

[HACHIOJI] Takaosan (高尾山)

  • Address : Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
  • Phone : 042-664-7872 (Takao Visitor Center)
  • Time : Always
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Access : From Shinjuku Station...
    Shinjuku Station --- (Keio-Line limited express train / for '高尾山口行') --- Takaosanguchi Station


Mt.Takao Area - Keio Corporation

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