Sada jinja (佐太神社) is the "Shinto shrine where gods gather" which is enshrined in the main shrine (three shrine) by 12 gods. This shrine has long been respected by people.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社)

Location from Matsue Station about 40 minutes by bus.

After getting off the bus, let's cross the bridge (Sadagawa / 佐蛇川).

we will glad you when refered in sight-seeing.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) bus stop

* This day was a downpour.

After crossing the bridge, torii (鳥居) looks.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) Torii

Kashima Museum of History and Folklore (鹿島歴史民俗資料館) is on the left side of the 'Sando (参道 / approach to Japanese shrine)'.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) approach

Bridge in front of the Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社).

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) approach

These are few part of many 'Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社)' photos.

Honden (本殿). *the main hall (3 Shrine)

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) main hall

Honden (本殿) : Center Shrine and North Shrine.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) main hall

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) manner of worship

  1. Let's put a coin in the saisen box.
  2. Twice, bow your head and let's say a deep greeting.
  3. Match your hands at the chest height, clap two times, and pray to the god.
  4. Finally, let's bow again and say a deep greeting once.

Honden (本殿) : Center Shrine.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) main hall

Honden (本殿) : North Shrine.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) main hall

The day was in shrine repair works. This is a temporary shrine.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社)

Omikuji (おみくじ / paper random fortunes) in the shape of a fan.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) Omikuji

It seems to hang a Omikuji (おみくじ) on a tree.

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) Omikuji

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) Omikuji

Shamusho (社務所 / Shrine office)

Sada jinja Shrine (佐太神社) 社務所

photographed on Feb. 2016.

Many famous gods are enshrined in this shrine. Because of that, very strict air was drifting.
Let's get on the bus from bus terminal "No.4" at Matsue station.

[MATSUE-SI] Sada jinja (佐太神社)

  • Address : 73, Kashimachosadamiyauchi, Matsue-shi, Shimane
  • Phone : 0852-21-1148
  • Time : 8:30am - 17:00
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Access : About a 40-minute drive from JR Matsue Station.
    In Matsue Station (No.6 bus stop / for 51恵曇/52片句/53古浦/54高専/55御津行き) : Matsue Station --(Ichibata bus) -- Sada jinja mae (佐太神社前) bus stop.
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